Uses and Features of Boom Trucks

A crane truck is one that, in addition to the chassis, has a crane to facilitate loading and unloading. To talk about a crane truck is to talk about an indispensable vehicle in the construction sector. For its part, the boom crane truck adds a tool designed for lifting, loading and unloading all types of parts and materials to and from the vehicle itself. The peculiarity that the boom brings to a crane truck is to increase the load and lift capacity of the materials.

boom trucks for saleFeatures of boom truck

  • The boom truck has been designed to lift, transport, load and unload all types of loads easily and safely.
  • It can be installed in the cabin itself or at the rear of the truck.
  • There are boom crane trucks of different sizes and load capacities.

The characteristic feature of the boom truck compared to other crane trucks is that, in addition to being able to assemble high-tonnage parts and machinery, it is also capable of lifting them to great heights to facilitate the construction and reconstruction of buildings of various heights.

Boom Truck: Most Common Uses

boom trucks for sale

According to the needs that we want to cover, we will find a variety of boom crane trucks, each with its characteristics and peculiarities, from which to choose and which will be interesting to consider. Among the most common uses of the boom boom trucks for sale are:

  • Truck crane boom in construction

It is used to lift significant loads at high altitude, machinery or high tonnage parts from the ground to the different levels of a building under construction.

  • Truck crane boom in logistics

It can be used to transport or lift, for example, industrial containers of large size and weight.

  • Truck crane boom to rescue people or vehicles.

Depending on the use that will occur, you can choose a crane truck with one or the other characteristics. The differences will be in the load capacity, the resistance, the volume of the vehicle, the tonnage that it support. Whatever the use you want to give to the boom truck, what is clear is that we talk about a vehicle with which you are going to be able to enjoy the full power of a truck with the greatest possibilities of cranes, all integrated into a single-vehicle.

10-ton boom trucks: main types

boom trucks for sale

The 10-ton boom trucks are made up of cables, chains, ropes, and a winder. There are several different models and each of them has a different elevation.

  • Tower

It is the most commonly seen in cities. It is used in the construction of tall buildings and they are fixed to the ground during the period of use. It is mounted on a rugged concrete pad so that the anchor bolts are embedded in it and hold the crane that lifts the heavy load.

  • Mounted

Sometimes the cranes are mounted on vehicles so they can move easily. In this way, no additional equipment is required to move it to your job site.

  • Rough terrain

It is a special type of 10-ton truck mounted crane. It is mainly used for off-road applications. With these models, stabilizers are used.

  • Tracked 

This crane does not need stabilizers. It is mounted on a chassis with a set of tracks. 10-ton crawler trucks can be moved to the job site, but must be disassembled and loaded onto transport vehicles to move between sites.

Why Do We Need Armored Car?

In this highly volatile world, armored car is slowly gaining popularity not only for protecting important personnel but also for ensuring the safety of the citizens. In the world full of increasing violence and threat, safety and security has always been a serious issue. Many people might think that they don’t need any armored vehicle for protecting them of their loved one while moving on the roads.

However, this kind of thought is totally wrong. With the rise of anti-social elements, you can’t even tell, if you are already on their hit list. Just for creating panic, the anti-social element might attack you. Hence, it’s totally a wrong concept that only law enforcement officials and important people would be using armored vehicle.

armored car

Armored People for Normal People Also

 If one closely goes through the newspaper report, one gets to see that normal people are also considering transforming their normal SUV vehicles into armored one. In fact, when one travels in an armored vehicle, one can feel safe and secure. The proper armoring can easily maintain the personal safety of the person traveling in it.

Armoring Vehicle for Personal Safety

 In this volatile world, armoring ones car for increasing the safety of the individual is very crucial. In fact, car manufacturing companies points out that although armored car is used at war zones, but nowadays the vehicles are toned down so that the citizens can use it for their safety while traveling to various places.

How It Protects People?

Before delving deep into the reason for using an armored vehicle, one needs to see how it can protect the occupants. Basically, the whole vehicle is armored so that it can provide protection from all kind of assaults. The whole body of the car is made by hardening the steel. Depending on the level of protection, armoring is provided.

On the other hand, bulletproof glass is used for the widows. Usually, thick version of glass is used so that it can protect from high-end caliber gun shots.

The tires are composite run-flat tires. Hence, the armored car can easily run a long distance even if the tire gets flat.

The chassis and the engine are made bulletproof. Ballistic sheet is provided so that it doesn’t catch fire.

armored vehicles

Why Do You Need This Car?

 Armored vehicles come with the pre-requisite safety features. It can protect the occupants as well as objects which are being transported into it.

  • The discreet style of the armored car won’t let others know who is traveling inside the car. Moreover, these cars are designed in such a way that it looks similar to normal cars. However, they vary in the way they functions.
  • The cars can deal with any kind of violence. Being ballistic resistance it can withstand fire and safely transport the important materials or equipment.
  • The necessary safety features can help one to escort important people safely to their destined location.

If you have doubts about armored car, hopefully, the abovementioned points would clear your doubts. Now, you will know completely why this kind of car is in great demand.